Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils and Stones

Chakra Balancing & Chakra Gemstone Energy Bracelet
The seven chakras along the spine
are associated with a color and an aspect
of personal development and spiritual energy flow.

When a Chakra is blocked or unbalanced then
the associated aspect of that chakra
will be unbalanced in your life.

In this workshop, we will use a chakra pendulum
to check the strength and
openness of each of your chakras.

Once you discover the state of each of your chakras,
you will learn how the state of each specific  chakra
effects your physical, emotional and spirtual aspect
of your life.
We will use various techniques to balance your chakra 
and you create a gemstone chakra bracelet
that will continue to help you once you leave.
- Essential Oils and Energy Sprays - learn which oils can be applied to each chakra
-Chakra energy stones - learn which stone opens the associated chakra.
-Create a Gemstone Chakra Bracelet
$55 - includes Chakra Diagnosis/Balancing and Chakra Bracelet
Next Date:
February 24th 9:30AM-12:30PM

or Request Your Own Date

Reserve Now
Call 908-232-3411 to request class time with 4 or more.
$55 per person – includes learning about chakras, chakra gemstone bracelet, and using a pendulum to test the state of each chakra and various techniques to clear the chakras.
Private Class with 4 or more people $65.00 per person
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