Themed Jewelry Making Events

Themed Jewelry Making Events 
 (Please call ahead 908-232-3411)
jewelry workshop

Design Your Own Jewelry Workshop -(all ages)

Call  908-232-3411 for best times of the day to create a necklace or bracelet that is uniquely your own!


sofia the firsr

Sofia the First (age 3-9)

Create your own magical purple Amulet necklace. Then attend your coronation ceremony to become a princess like Sofia and receive a princess tiara to take home!





Lip Gloss Kit

Glamour Girl - Create your own Lipgloss and Jewelry (6-14)

Make your own lipgloss and design your own jewelry. Blend natural ingredients, mix colors and choose from various different flavors



Afternoon Tea Amer Girl Dolls 2 friendsAfternoon Tea with my doll (5-11)

Bring your favorite doll as a guest to an afternoon tea! You will enjoy tea and cookies and create matching jewelry for both you and your doll.



Fancy Nancy- Tea for Two (3- 8)

 Come to a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! We will begin with reading the story "Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two" by Jane O'Connor. Then you and your guest will each make a fancy bracelet followed by a tea party with real tea sets and cookies.



pinkalicious tiptoe image small copy
Pinkalicious Playdate -Reading and Beading (3-7)

We will read "Pinkalicious" by Victoria Kann. Child creates pink bracelet or a pink beaded bookmark. Mom or caregiver creates their own pink earrings too! 



Harry Potter for online

Harry Potter Beading Event (7-11)     

Join us for a Harry Potter Event at Just Bead Yourself!  Find out which Hogwarts House the sorting hat puts you in, and make a Harry Potter themed necklace! Then, practice your magical powers with the Wingardium Leviosa spell and other activities!  (click here to see video!)




Upcoming Events


 Public Schedule - January 12th-21st, 2019


Saturday, January 19th

10:30AM-4:30PM    Design Your Own Jewelry Workshop

10:30AM-11:30AM  Pinkalicious Playdate - Reading & Beading

12:00PM-1:30PM   Glamour Girl Lip Gloss & Jewelry

1:30PM-3:30PM     Afternoon Tea With My Doll & Me

2:00PM-3:15PM     Shopkins Tea Party


Sunday, January 20th  

10:30AM-4:30PM    Design Your Own Jewelry Workshop

12:30PM-1:30PM    Sofia the First - Become a Princess!

1:30PM-2:30PM      Interweave Bracelet Class 

2:00PM-3:00PM      Afternoon Tea With My Doll & Me

3:00PM-4:00PM      Earrings and Pendants 101


Monday, Jan 21st - Martin Luther King Day***

10:30AM-4:30PM    Design Your Own Jewelry Workshop

10:30AM-12:00PM  Gem Energy Class 

12:15PM-1:00PM    Pinkalicious Playdate - Reading & Beading

1:00PM-2:30PM     Harry Potter- Which House are You In?

2:45PM-4:30PM      Afternoon Tea With My Doll & Me

Sofia the First - Become a Princess

Sofia the First - Become a PrincessSofia Tiara and Amulet necklace

Sophia the FirstAttend a coronation  
ceremony where you will be
crowned a princess and
receive your very own
princess tiara. 
Then create your magically
beautiful Sofia Amulet Necklace!
Fee: $25 - includes tiara and creation of Amulet Necklace
Upcoming Dates:
 Sunday January, 20th  -  12:30PM-1:30PM

Call 908-232-3411 to register

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Afternoon Tea with My Doll & Me

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 3.13.28 PM


Afternoon Tea Amer Girl Dolls 2 friends


Bring your favorite doll as your guest to Afternoon Tea.
 You will enjoy tea & cookies and create matching
  jewelry for both you and your doll!

$35 per child includes: 
 - 2 hour Tea Party
 - Pink lemonade & Cookies
 - Helpful Bead Specialists will help you design a necklace
for you and a matching necklace for your doll!
(recommended for age 5 - 11)
Upcoming Dates:  
Saturday, Jan 19 1:30-3:30
Sunday, Jan 20 2:00-3:00
Monday, Jan 21  2:45-4:30 MLK Day
Monday, Feb 18 1:30-3:30 Pres Day

Shopkins Tea Party

Do You Love Shopkins?

Shopkins Event photo

Create your own adorable Shopkins Necklace
Play Shopkins Bingo!
Then have a Tea Party where you will enjoy pink lemonade and cookies.
 Fee: $29 - includes Shopkins Necklace or Bookmark or

     Backpack pull and followed by a tea party, pink lemonade and cookies


Upcoming Dates: 

 Saturday, January 19th  - 2:00PM-3:15PM
Please call 908-232-3411to schedule your very own Shopkin's Tea Party now!
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Just Bead Yourself, is located at:

113 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Westfield, NJ 07090
(look for purple door by the parking lot entrance near Starbucks)
For more info dial (908 )BEAD-411 908 232-3411

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