Sofia the First - Become a Princess

Sofia the First - Become a PrincessSofia Tiara and Amulet necklace

Sophia the FirstAttend a coronation
ceremony where you will be
crowned a princess and
receive your very own
princess tiara. 
Then create your magically
beautiful Sofia Amulet

                   Fee: $25 - includes tiara and creation of Amulet Necklace

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, 7/7 10:30-11:30AM

Saturday, 7/14 11:30- 12:30PM

Saturday, 7/21 10:30-11:30AM  

Saturday, 8/4 10:30-11:30AM



Call 908-232-3411 to register


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Fancy Nancy Tea for Two Beading

Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two - Bring Mommy or a Friend (age 3-7)

Come to a Fancy Nancy Tea Party! We will begin with reading the story "Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two" by Jane O'Connor.
Then you and your guest will each make a fancy bracelet followed by a tea party with real tea sets and cookies.
Upcoming Dates:
Sunday, July 22nd 1:00-2:00PM

Saturday, July 28th 12:30-1:30PM

Saturday, August 4th 1:30-2:30PM


 Call 908-232-3411 to register

 Fee: $38 for Two- includes bracelet and tea party for two. The second participant can be a friend or the mommy (or guardian).

Note: For Age 4 and under - mommies (or guardian) are required as the second participant.

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Chakra Balancing Pendulum Class

Chakra Balancing & Chakra Gemstone Energy Bracelet


ChakraDiagramThe seven chakras along the spine 
are associated with a color and an aspect
of personal development and spiritual energy flow.

When a Chakra is blocked or unbalanced then
the associated aspect of that chakra
will be unbalanced in your life.

In this workshop, we will use a chakra pendulum
to check the strength and
openness of each of your chakras.

Once you discover the state of each of your chakras,

you will learn how the state of each specific  chakra
effects your physical, emotional and spirtual aspectof your life.
       We will use various techniques to balance your chakra 
       and you create a gemstone chakra bracelet
          that will continue to help you once you leave.




- Essential Oils and Energy Sprays - learn which oils can be applied to each chakra
-Chakra energy stones - learn which stone opens the associated chakra.
-Create a Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

$55 - includes Chakra Diagnosis/Balancing and Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

 Next Available Date:

June 10th, 2018    9:30AM-12:30 PM (SOLD OUT)

June 27th, 2018      9:30AM - 12:30PM

or Request Your Own Date with 4 people or more

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Princess Camp

Princess2 CampPurple

Mini Princess Camp- (age 3-7)

Your little princess will create princess themed jewelry and explore their creativity through the magical world of fairytales. Send your daughter in her favorite princess costume as she learns how to bead, eat and drink like a princess. $25 a day, and each day includes a tea party with lemonade and cookies.

Choose Your Favorite Princess Day! Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Queen Elsa


Rapunzel Camp

rapunzelCamp Description:

Princesses will create a beautiful Rapunzel themed necklace, and then get themselves tangled in some fun activites. Then the princesses will end the day with a tea party.

Available Dates:

click on dates to register

Dates:                   Times:

6/26                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

7/10                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

7/24                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

8/7                                         9:30AM-10:45AM

8/21                                       9:30AM-10:45AM



Single Day - Princess Camp: $25

3 Day Princess Camp: $75


The Little Mermaid Camp

little mermaid


Camp Description:

Princesses will make their very own Little Mermaid wrap-around bracelet! Then they'll play a fun game under the sea!

Available Dates:

click on dates to register

Dates:                   Times:

6/27                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

7/11                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

7/25                                       9:30AM-10:45AM

8/8                                         9:30AM-10:45AM

8/22                                       9:30AM-10:45AM


Single Day - Princess Camp: $25

3 Day Princess Camp: $75



Frozen Camp

Camp Description:else

Each little princess will make a bracelet with a unique snowflake charm. Then we will play pin the nose on Olaf. Every girl will then become a princess herself when we host our Coronation ceremony. Each princess will go home with a wand and tiara.

Available Dates:

click on dates to register

Dates:                   Times:

6/28                   9:30AM-10:45AM

7/12                   9:30AM-10:45AM

7/26                   9:30AM-10:45AM

8/9                     9:30AM-10:45AM

8/23                   9:30AM-10:45AM


Single Day - Princess Camp: $25

3 Day Princess Camp: $75


  Call as soon as possible to save your spot first,  908 232-3411 




Mother Daughter/ BFF Glamour Girl


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mother daughter


           Glamour Girl


 Make Your Own Lip Gloss

         & Mother/Daughter      

      Bracelets or Anklets

      (age 5 thru Adult)


including creating lip gloss and then making mother daughter bracelets or anklets


$49 per Mom/Daughter/ or BFF Couple

$29 per additional person

Lip Gloss Kitlipgloss


We will schedule an event, just for you!


Call 908-232-3411 to reserve your spot!



Just Bead Yourself, is located at:

113 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Westfield, NJ 07090
(look for purple door by the parking lot entrance near Starbucks)
For more info dial (908 )BEAD-411 908 232-3411

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