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How to Order Your Event Gift Cards
To Order >>> Call 908 232-3411
or CLICK HERE <<< to order online.
Your Choice:
- We will Email a printable Gift Card to you or
- You may pick up Gift Card at the store or
- We can mail a Gift Card to you or recipient
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 Call to schedule your class. 908-232-3411

Mother's Bracelets - Ordering

Mother's Bracelet's (also Grad Bracelets with College Colors)

Personalized with children's names
in Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver

Also Great Graduation Gift Idea!
- Order the Single Strand for only $50 with
Sterling name and College Colors!

(Scroll down to see example college colors)


How to Order Mother's Bracelets:

We take orders in person at Just Bead Yourself, 113 Central Ave. Westfield NJ or via phone (call 908 232-3411).

Why do we take in person or phone orders only?

Name Bracelets are beautiful customized creations. Therefore we prefer to speak with you personally to get all the details that will make the bracelet uniquely yours. See our guide to bracelet sizing for the perfectly sized fit.


Pricing is determined by the number of strands and the number of names. Names include up to 7 letters. Additional letters per name are $3.50 each.

(Gift Hint: One Name looks beautiful in the middle of Three Strands) <<Great Sweet Sixteen or Graduation Gift Idea!

(Gift Hint: Two Names look beautiful on Three Strands - blank middle) << Great Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary Gift Idea!

1 Strand - 1 Name - $50
3 Strands - 1 Name - $125
3 Strands - 2 or 3 Names - $150
4 Strands - 4 Names - $165
5 Strands - 5 Names - $180

Example College Colors for Graduation Bracelets:
Rutgers University: scarlet & white
Penn State University: navy blue & white
Princeton University: orange & black
Rider University: cranberry & white
Rowan University: brown & gold
New Jersey IT: scarlet red & white
New York University: violet & white
University at Albany: purple & gold

Tell us your own school colors or we can find it for you!




Custom Photo Pendants

 Customized Photo Pendants
Great for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Special - Two for Only $29
Get First Photo Pendant on a Necklace
Get Second of on a Key Chain


A Great Gift for Mom or Grandma too!

$19.99 for Pendant on a Suede or Leather Necklace. *Silver Chain sold separately

How to Order Your Photo Pendant

To Order:
>>> First Call 908 232-3411 - to let us know you are ordering

>>> Choose Pendant Shape [Square , Round, Rectangle, Oval]

>>> Then EMAIL- Send a digital photo at high resolution to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
( You may also Drop-off
- a Photo to be scanned we will scan for you for add'l- $3)

>>> Ready for Pick up in 3-5 days or we can arrange to ship it to you (Add'l charge)

Energy Intention Bracelets

All Energy Intention Bracelets are on SALE

SPECIAL SALE PRICE of only $79.00
can be received by order via phone orders only.

CALL 908 232-3411 

Ask for "Energy Intention Bracelets by Thea" for SALE OFFER until Feb 14th, 2015.


Love Romance Friendship

Rose Quartz - Energy of Love
Hematite - Peace and Inner -Happiness

Known as “the stone of universal love”, bringing peace and calm to relationships.  It’s energy encompasses self love, romantic love, motherly love, kindness and friendship.  Restores trust and harmony in relationships.  Opens the heart to promote love in all aspects of your life.  Has a peaceful and calming effect and provides comfort in times of grief. Hematite helps to support self-esteem and self-confidence. It can be use to facilitate the attainment of peace, self-control and inner happiness.  It helps to focus one’s emotions, and enables the wearer to enter into a loving relationship.

All bracelets include a 1/2 inch Sterling Silver "Intention Box" with a scroll to write your  love intention.  This can be a message to the recipient or an intention for yourself concerning what you want from a love relationship. 




Amber - Calms Nerves
- Enhances Mood Helps to heal the body

Amber emits a sunny and joyful energy which calms nerves and uplifts mood. Amethyst enhances happiness and tranquility. It relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.

All bracelets include a 1/2 inch Sterling Silver Chain Extender
$129: For bracelet sizes up to 8" (Phone Orders - Sale Price of $79 Call 908-232-3411)
$149: For bracelet sizes over 8"






Quartz -
Amplifies Both Energy and Thoughts

Silver - Enhances all Properties of Gemstones 

The Pure Intentions Bracelet is made of Clear Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver.  Clear Quartz amplifies the vibration associated with thought.  It influences both matter and energy to manifest your intention more effectively.  Clear Quartz stimulates positive thoughts and feelings. It promotes the feeling of "oneness"  associated with harmony of the planet.  It enhances calmness, clarity and power in all situations.

It can be used for all intentions because it will amplify the power of any intention that is programmed into it.  Just remember, the Laws of Manifestation only facilitate intentions that are in line with the "good of all", so use this wisely.

All bracelets include a 1/2 inch Sterling Silver Chain Extender
$129: For bracelet sizes up to 8" -  (Phone Orders - Sale Price of $79 Call 908-232-3411)
$149: For bracelet sizes over 8"




Customize Your Own Energy Bracelet

Visit Just Bead Yourself for a Gemstone Energy Consultation.

Call 908-232-3411



Communion Bracelets

First Communion Bracelets
All Bracelets are Presented on this Beautiful Card
and tied with Silk Ribbon 
$35 - Swarovski Crystals & Pearls and Sterling Silver Cross
(Your Choice of Colors) 
$40 - All Swarovski Crystals,Sterling Accent Beads & Sterling Silver Cross
(Can also be Personalized with Name - $2.99 per Sterling Silver Letter)
(Your Choice of Colors)

Just Bead Yourself, is located at:

113 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Westfield, NJ 07090
(look for purple door by the parking lot entrance near Starbucks)
For more info dial (908 )BEAD-411 908 232-3411

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