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Wire Wrapped Energy Gemtones

In this class, you will:
  • Learn about the healing and energy properties of gemstones.
  • Discover different techniques for identifying which gemstone will be most beneficial to you.
  • Learn how applied kinesiology or "muscle testing" can be used to identify which gemstone energy is most beneficial.
  • Find out how to clear and cleanse your gemstones of negative energy.
  • Learn how to wire wrap your personal gemstone selected to match your own individual needs.
Fee -$45; includes all materials and classroom use of tools
Upcoming Classes:
Sunday, September 8th 11:00am


Past-Life Regression

Remembering Past Lives

If you feel you are an old soul...

If you have unexplained talents, passions or fears...

If you have a fascination with a certain place or time in history...

If you feel you have a soul-mate...


Join us for a Past-Life Regression
with Expert Hypnotherapist Andrea Grace. 


  What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a hypnotic session that enables
you to access your earliest memories of
your sub-conscious mind and beyond.

Although it works on the premise of past lives,
it does not matter whether you believe in it or not
for you to have a wonderful experience.
Whatever comes up for you will be relevant
to questions, concerns
& issues of this lifetime.

We will be using Gemstones to enhance the energy
and aid the recall of the session.

 For more about Past Life Regression (PLR),
Visit Andrea Grace's Past Life Regression FAQ's

Dates Offered:
Sunday October 13th or November 17th

$49-Per Person - Includes a Group Past Life Hypnotherapy Session
& Past Life Gemstones
Space is limited! Must call to register 908 232-3411 

If you have a group of 6 or more, call to request a date that works best for you.

Past-Life Gemstones

Past Life Gemstones

 “Gemstones help bridge the gap to recall past lives”

Various stones are helpful in aiding past life recall. Before the regression you will choose a gemstone that you are most attracted to. The one you choose will best balance your energy and enhance your past life recall.

Carnelian –(Past Life Physical Body) -  this orange-brown semi-precious stone helps us tune into our past life physical bodies. It helps us remember influences that shape our bodies now. It also helps us see how we can use past life information to better our present life.



Lapis Lazuli –(Past Life – Third Eye Visions) -  this deep blue, pyrite-flecked mysterious stone  is a powerful third eye stimulator which opens us up to profound past life visions. It helps us recognize old wounds, blocks and pains and to release these.



Amethyst –(Past Life Spiritual – Higher Purpose) -  this purple crystal is a profound bridge between the spiritual and the physical. It helps heal us of our inner hurts and inspires us to reach for higher levels. It helps us see the higher purpose of our consecutive lives.


Clear Quartz Crystal – (Balance energy field – Harmonize Past Life with Current Life)  these remarkable stones restore balance within our auras and deeper energy fields. They awaken memories within us and help to harmonize our past lives with our current one. They help us to recognize why past life recall is important and worth the effort it takes.


Hematite –(Past Life Recall, Protection & Connection to Higher Self)  - Hematite aids past life recall and connection to the energy of the Higher Self.  When experiencing a past life recall protects from painful emotions and fears. It dissolves negativity and restores peace and harmony to the body. It is said to help heal the anger and hurt felt by those who are warriors in this life as well as those who were in a previous life who are facing karmic battles in their present life. It enhances self-esteem, willpower and confidence.


Read more: Past-Life Gemstones

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